Virtual Reality – Green areas and playgrounds

Giving value to an exterior environment to present a project for a children’s play area. Like interiors, exteriors need to be enhanced with the proper lighting, color selection and realistic vegetation.

Renderings and virtual reality help designers convey their project with photorealism and high visual impact, understand good and bad points and assess the impact on the surrounding environment.

Through virtual reality, users can immerse themselves in the 3D preview of the playground, moving in any direction and appreciating the finest details, like the animation of flowers and blades of grass moved by the wind.


Besides being a new and powerful marketing tool, Virtual Reality proves to be an extraordinary means to present architectural projects. Clients can immerse themselves within a 3D setting comfortably from their home, moving autonomously in all directions. The emotion of moving inside your future house, checking the furniture type and arrangement are only a part of the huge opportunities offered by Virtual Reality. Not only an advantage for potential clients, but also an amazing design tool: architects can perceive proportions realistically and  correct possible miscalculations.

From technical drawing to 3D rendering

3D Images / Rendering

We can capture your product from any perspective, we can section and customize it with textures and colors.

3D Videos

To show all the features of your products, to simulate assemblies and workings for your communication.

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