FST Studio is a graphic design studio composed by a team of affable professionals. Its founders, Tonino and Fausto Settimi, have 20 years’ experience in visual communication.

Capable explorers of market opportunities, they have laid their foundations producing renderings and web projects for a significant amount of architects, interior designers, developers and companies in the center of Italy.

At the beginning, most of their 3D works have focused on the design of exterior buildings representations and have also taken part in complex business projects, such as the development of a shopping mall at HONGQUIAO high-speed station in Shanghai and the construction of three skyscrapers in Palmas, Brazil.

Over the last 5 years their area of expertise has significantly expanded including the creation of many 3D presentations of different products such as bicycle pedals, assemblies and shoes.

In particular, for the footwear sector, the expertise acquired has allowed for the concept and the compositing of successful TV commercials broadcast on the major national channels, both public and private.

On the web side, their expertise ranges from the general web marketing to the creation of tailor-made e-commerce sites and the customization of CMS such as WordPress for the development of self-managed website.

Presently their challenge also embraces the sphere of 2D and 3D games for desktop and mobile devices which can be downloaded from the most important online stores.